First Open House of Zonten Europe organized by Maquinaria Esagraf

Gepostet in News am 29. Mai 2019

During the month of November, Zonten Europe opened the doors of its new Demo Room for the first time. The event was organized by Maquinaria Esagraf and had a great affluence by customers, suppliers, and friends of Esagraf, in total more than 100 people passed through our facilities.

Our facilities have been renovated for the occasion with all the services and amenities available to attendees. The design of the building was the responsibility of the architect Toni Audi and had an excellent reception with all attendees to the event. We also enjoyed the presence of an exquisite catering service that took care of food and drinks.

During the Open House, several demonstrations were held to learn more about the capabilities of the Zonten printing machine and to check the quality of materials and printing. From now on, Zonten Europe’s facilities are intended to be a permanent learning center, offering the opportunity to be in contact with material suppliers and test all novelties. We want to provide all industry professionals with the knowledge of our veteran printing specialists.

In the demonstration during the Open House days, we have been able to verify the stability of the Zonten Multiprint-ZTJ 330/520. The consistency of the colors has been verified whether there is a lot of contribution or if it is little, and the register was perfect even at high speeds. We also did a demonstration of cold-foil and flat serigraphy in-line.

The Zonten Multiprint-ZTJ 330/520’s ability to save material during machine stops and the short time it takes to change jobs was one of the most surprising aspects for visitors to the event. Ease of use and high level of automation have been demonstrated. The Multiprint is the perfect combination of offset printing quality and the application of the latest technology.